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We are proud and honored to announce that our practice has been selected to participate in the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Health Network


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Dr. D'Andrea

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Dear PVP family,


We are now offering telehealth if needed to see your child. We have already done a few visits and it has gone very smoothly.

When you call into the office, a physician will determine if telehealth is appropriate or not. If so, you will be scheduled for a telehealth visit with us. With one simple link, any browser, and a device with a camera and microphone you will be able to see your physician face to face.  


While we would always like to see your child in person, we are here to meet your needs in any way we can during these trying times.


PVP Doctors

Telemedicine Waiting Room Links by appointment only:

Dr. D'Andrea:

Dr. Bocash:

Dr. Galan

Dr. MM


CareCredit can now be accessed from our website for your convenience. Click on the CareCredit tab on the menu above.



Tips from American Academy of Pediatrics:



The flu shot has arrived. All children 6 months or older should get the flu shot. Please schedule an appointment to have your child vaccinated. The flu shot cannot cause the flu, it is safe, and it is the best way to protect your child and family from getting influenza this year. 




The cold weather itself does not cause cold or flu, but the viruses that cause cold and flu are more common during winter months. Thus, in addition to getting the flu shot, encourage excellent hand hygiene and coughing / sneezing into the bend of an elbow to prevent the spread of germs. 




Even Southern California can get quite cool. For older infants and young children, dress them in one more layer than an adult may wear in similar conditions. For infants, continue to avoid heavy blankets or loose bedding as this can be associated with suffocation. Instead, use sleep clothing such as one-piece sleepers or wearable blankets. 

Coronavirus Update


Ventura County Public Health is closely monitoring the coronavirus outbreak and is in close contact with state (CDPH) and federal (CDC) health authorities. For more information for the public and healthcare providers on coronavirus, please visit the CDC and CDPH websites.  





Pleasant Valley Pediatric Medical Group, located in Camarillo, has been the location since 1976 for all of Ventura Country to enjoy exceptional and compassionate care.  We provide unparalleled access, combined with the highest level of expertise, in caring for newborns, infants, adolescents and young adults.  Our five American Board of Pediatrics Certified Pediatricians, all resident trained at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, are committed to partnering with you in furnishing care as guided by the American Academy of Pediatrics.  Your children will be cared for only by experienced Pediatricians and not by physician extenders.  We pride ourselves in creating an atmosphere of trust, comfort, kindness and complete confidence.


Practice Philosophy


Parents and patients usually develop a close relationship with one of our Pediatricians.  For continuity sake we believe that it is important that an individual physician provide all well care.  Eventually, however, due to our collegial atmosphere and extended hours you may see other Pediatricians.


We Pledge to:

  • Provide the most competent, well informed level of Pediatric Practice

  • Provide same day appointments

  • Return all calls by your Pediatrician and not the office staff

  • Strive to make your children comfortable, no matter their age

  • Share all X-Ray and lab results by direct call from your Pediatrician

  • Provide extended hours of service including evening hours and Saturday morning

  • Share call only within our own group

  • Have an office staff that is intimately involved in providing guidance, appointments, referrals and authorization for services.


2486 N. Ponderosa Dr. Suite D-211 Camarillo, CA  93010

Pleasant Valley Pediatric Medical Group