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Physical and Immunization schedule


2 weeks Physical Exam

1 month Physical Exam + Hepatitis B

2 months Physical Exam + IPV, DTaP, HIB, Pneumococcal, Rotateq

4 months Physical Exam + IPV, DTaP, HIB, Pneumococcal, Rotateq

6 months Physical Exam + IPV, DTaP, HIB, Pneumococcal, Rotateq

9 months Physical Exam + Hepatitis B

12 months Physical Exam + Varicella, MMR, TB (PPD), blood test to rule out anemia(Hct)

15 months Physical Exam + HIB, Pneumococcal

18 months Physical Exam + DTaP

2 years Physical Exam + Hepatitis A2 ½ years Physical Exam + Hepatitis A

3 years Physical Exam

4 years Physical Exam + MMR, Varicella

5 years Physical Exam + IPV, DTaP, blood test to rule out anemia (Hct), Urinalysis, TB (PPD)

6 years Physical Exam

7 years Physical Exam






After the seven year old exam, physicals are recommended yearly per American Academy of Pediatrics Guidelines.  If desired, infant injections may be obtained at the Public Health Clinic at a substantial discount. Most insurance companies require that you add the new baby to your existing policy within 30 days of baby's birth.


* Please note that the immunization schedule may be modified by the doctor*



Discuss your concerns with your primary doctor. IF INDICATED, THEY WILL REFER YOU TO DR. DEBORAH MARLOW-MEJIA, A Pediatrician in our office who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related problems.  PICK UP A SET OF QUESTIONNAIRES AT THE FRONT DESK. Complete the PARENT FORM and have your child fill out.  Give the SCHOOL FORM to your child’s teacher (more then one teacher can either fill out the same booklet with different color ink or use a copy).  RETURN ALL COMPLETED QUESTIONNAIRES to our office along with copies of all PAST REPORT CARDS, STAR TESTING, RECORDS FROM ANY PREVIOUS EVALUATIONS done by the school district or other Professionals, and any other sources that you feel would be helpful.  When ALL the information is returned to our office, please SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT WITH DR. DEBORAH MARLOW-MEJIA.  This FIRST CONSULTATION IS FOR PARENTS ALONE WITHOUT THE CHILD. If possible, arrange a visit when both parents can attend. At this meeting parents can discuss their concerns and any additional information will be considered.  A SECOND CONSULTATION will be scheduled FOR THE CHILD to be seen.  A THIRD CONSULTATION, WITH THE PARENTS ALONE, will be scheduled to discuss the full evaluation and consider possible interventions. Whether or not a specific diagnosis of ADHD is made, the problems presented need to be addressed. If further evaluation or treatment from additional Professionals (Psychologist, Educational Therapist, Psychiatrist, etc) is indicated prior to the consideration of medical treatment, then appropriate referrals will be suggested.


**Please note that Dr. Marlow-Mejia is not a member of all insurance programs. Also, some insurance policies specifically do not cover consultations or do not consider ADHD under the same terms as other diagnoses. If your insurance cannot be used for the necessary consultations, Dr. Marlow-Mejia can be seen on a fee for service basis or your primary doctor can refer you to outside resources.

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